Tweede Bark & Play: meer puppy’s, meer leuk

Sodeju, we stonden zaterdag 30 april wel even te kijken. Hadden we vorige keer al 28 bezoekers, dit keer waren er wel 43 pups, handlers en geïnteresseerden in De Berghut, een fenomenale opkomst! De sfeer was super en op een verdwaalde strandbal zo hier en daar na, was het een vlekkeloze middag.

De snackbar was na afloop wel tot aan de nok toe gevuld met hongerige pups en baasjes! Iedereen die er was ontzettend bedankt.

Hieronder kun je lezen hoe Pup Bentley het allemaal heeft beleefd:

De tweede Bark & Play en Bentleys eerste…
Wat veel puppy’s! En heel gezellig!

Pup was een beetje zenuwachtig onderweg… Heel veel nieuwe dingetjes te ontdekken bij Bark & Play, heel veel nieuwe pups en veel bekende gezichten!
Na een warm welkom door Kriszly, Milo en Sir Daniël, begonnen met rondsnuffelen naar nieuwe puppy’s en wat vond pup er veel!

Het was gezellig druk de hele middag! Bentley heeft heel veel gespeeld, gedonderjaagd, gekieteld, is heel veel gekieteld, nog meer gespeeld, nog meer gekieteld.

Ik wist niet dat er zoveel pups in één ruimte konden, maar er hadden er nog veel meer bij gepast! Ik hoop dat ’t de volgende keer net zo druk is! Of nog drukker!
Op naar 30 juli!

Woof! Bentley

Download de groepsfoto in het klein (400kb)
Download de groepsfoto in het groot (2Mb)

Second Bark & Play: more puppies, more funz

OMG, we were a bit flabbergasted to be honest. In January we welcomed almost 30 puppies, handlers and curious ones, this time there were 43 of them! Just wow. The atmosphere was great, though things got a bit sweaty at times, especially for the rubber pups.

After the party the restaurant was filled with hungry pups and handlers. Thanks to everyone who attended!

Here’s how Pup Bentley experienced the whole thing:

The second Bark & Play and Bentley’s first…
So many puppies! So much fun!

Puppy was a bit nervous on the way there… Lots of new stuff to discover at Bark & Play, many new faces and friends.
After being welcomed by Kriszly, Milo and Sir Daniël, I started sniffing around and I found a lot of new pups!

It was pleasantly crowded the whole afternoon. Bentley played lots, puppied about, tickled, got tickled and played and tickled some more.

I didn’t know one room could hold that many pups! I hope next time there will be even more!
30 July, here we come!

Woof! Bentley

Download the group pic (small, 400kb)
Download the group pic (large, 2Mb)

One thought on “Tweede Bark & Play: meer puppy’s, meer leuk

  1. I am joining pup Bentley’s comment, what a great pup party it was. we arrived just before 2 pm and already there were some pups waiting for the party to start. After saying hi to all, changed from human to pup and started playing. After about 20 minutes my eye spotted my beta Finn, jumped on him and gave him his earned butt spanking hehehe, he was a naughty pup not obeying a order i gave him so he needs to take his punishment for that arroooooo!
    after that we snuggled and cuddled until my eyes spotted my twin pup Castor, i did not saw him coming in because off the Finn accident but when he approached me i jumped up and gave him a real big hug and snuggle, my dutch pack was complete.
    We jumped on the pup playground and had a great puppy time there, until a handler puts me in his straight jacket and put his leather hood on me, pup was now helpless and beta knew it and maked benevid out of that situation by slapping alpha’s balls. for me i could stay for hours in the straight jacket but it was time to make the group pics. After making that we all started to play again, and in a few minutes there was a big puppy pile on the play floor with exited happy pups all having a great time!
    Sadly everything has to come to a end, and after barking with some pups in the locker room we all started to go our own way again, wagging exited waiting for the next Bark&Play!

    To Kriszly, Milo and Sir Daniël many licks as a thanks for organising this great event, and we see you all i hope again 30 juli!

    *wags and a big* Wruff!!

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