VSSM (Vereniging Studiegroep SadoMasochisme) is the oldest and largest BDSM association in Europe. It serves the interests of people who love and choose to be active members of the BDSM […]

Pup Milo

Pup Milo was born in December 2013. Since then he has been padding around as an active member of the puppy community. He’s been busy visiting fetish events like Folsom […]

Pup Kriszly

Pup Kriszly put his first paw prints down back in 2014. Come 2015 he competed in the first Mr Puppy Europe contest, held during Darklands Antwerp. He won the contest […]

Sir Daniël

Sir Daniël has been a Leather Master for several years now and started developing his puppy handling skills in 2013. His main fetishes are leather and boots. At Folsom Europe Berlin in […]


Because we want everyone with an interest in puppy play (or pet play) to be able to discover it in a fun and safe environment. At VSSM Bark & Play […]


Pups, Dogs, Owners, Sirs, Handlers, Trainers, Puppysitters and ofcourse everyone else interested in puppy play who is 18 years or over. All genders and sexualities are welcome. Whether you are […]


You can find VSSM Bark & Play at Dance Bar Marcus Antonius in Nijmegen (St. Anthoniusplaats 15). There are several parkings in the vicinity and it’s a 12 minute walk from […]


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What time?

VSSM Bark & Play always starts at 2 pm. The bar and the playground are open all afternoon, so there’s plenty of time to bark, slobber, nom and of course […]